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Frog Mass Extinction

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Frog Mass Extinction

Frog Mass Extinction: A recent study by John Alroy at Macquarie University in Australia suggests that about 200 frog extinctions have occurred and hundreds more will be lost over the next century, so we are on pace to create a mass extinction.

Many factors are contributing to this alarming decline - habitat destruction the introduction of the deadly chytrid fungus are the main culprits.

At least another 6.9% of all frog species may be lost within the next century, even if there is no acceleration in the growth of environmental threats.

That means that reptiles and amphibians are going extinct at 10,000 times the rate of other organisms!

This Panamanian Golden Toad couple was photographed at the San Deigo Zoo. The species is listed as critically endangered, but is likely to be already extinct in the wild.